Adroit Infoways - Offering Customizable Futuristic Products Assuring Scalability

CIO Vendor Enterprises today have heavily resorted to technology when encountered with server-storage related business and operational challenges. Vendors offering enterprise solutions have begun permeating the market. The selection of the right vendor that caters to their requirements is essential but arduous. Most large-scale enterprises are working with SAP while their in-house servers may not be compatible with the requirements of newly introduced database SAP HANA thus, requiring a substantial customization to make it operational leading to more investments to assure compatibility. Further the short shelf life of the hardware that organizations work with and the post sales services proves to be another hindrance. If case of hardware malfunction with the product, process of registering a complaint with call center is a very tedious procedure.

To address the above issues in the territory, Adroit Infoways was started in 2012 in Chandigarh. The enterprise was inspired and supported by visionary father-son duo Mr. Rajinder Aggarwal and Mr. Rishi Aggarwal Chairman and Managing Director of JCBL Group. In collaboration with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Adroit Infoways addresses these challenges with their inventory of HP products that are 100 percent compliant with most of Enterprise Solutions being offered today like SAP HANA.

With an adept technical team, possessing global certifications from HPE for Storage, Servers and other enterprise products, the company leverages its partnership with HPE to its full potential. Products offered by HPE have technical edge over the products offered by its competitors.
Adroit Infoways boasts of an impeccable post sales service in place as well. Unlike most situations where in case of a fault or a breakdown in the product, engineers attend to the lodged complaint at a very lethargic pace and the process can be very protracted while Adroit Infoways is at the location the very next day post lodging a complaint with a standby HP part for the replacement. The company provides a suite of enterprise storage solutions; Network Attached Storage (NAS), Storage Area Network (SAN), File Area Network (FAN), storage hardware and continuous data protection. The company proffers customized hardware, software, visualization, and networking solutions, and off the shelf software products across a broad spectrum of domains like Telephony, Mailing, Visualization, Anti-Virus, internet security and Backup Solutions.

Adroit Infoways addresses these challenges with their inventory of HP products

Apart from storage solutions, a gamut of services is offered by the company like Enterprise Software (ERP), Enterprise Management Software (EMS), and Customer Relation Management (CRM) and so on. Believed to be experts in solution designing, the technically skilled team has attained a fine balance between software and hardware offerings required in this sector with a list of satisfied customers.

Perfectly aligning themselves with the ever-changing business needs, Adroit Infoways has mapped out its plans for the next five years. The company intends on diversifying and venturing into 3D printing. The next venture planned is to explore the potential of acquiring an added host of clients like various DRDO labs, Research Institutes. With a number of huge projects in the pipeline, Adroit Infoways is poised to ride and excel the enterprise solutions growth wave.