Mayank's IT Solutions - Enabling Enterprises to Focus on Their Core Competencies

CIO Vendor Owing to the technology proliferation, today's enterprises give a lot of attention to revamping topology of infrastructure within organizations. Nowadays, enterprises rely on system integration to accomplish reduced IT complexity, better operational efficiency and effectiveness, real-time data, decreased risk of errors, and increased agility etc. Hence, they look out for reliable as well as best of breed system integrators who has the technical prowess to perceive their challenging requirements, deliver innovative solutions and aid them to pay attention to their core business.

Enabling its clients to run their business efficiently, Noida-headquartered Mayank's IT Solution steps to the fore as a system integrator who is capable of providing cloud-based infrastructure or Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) or build clients' infrastructure, maintain and manage it. “We help customers clearly focus on their core business and leave their IT infrastructure problems to us. Working closely with our customers, understanding their business problems or key pain areas and addressing them with innovative solutions, helps us to keep a foot ahead in the game,” says Neha Batra, CEO.

The company brings out products such as Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions, Power Conditioning Solutions and Virtualization & Consolidation etc. It offers an IT Support and Services portfolio including Networking and System Integration Services, IT Consulting and Planning, and IT PAAS and SAAS. Besides, it delivers IT Solutions like Enterprise Solutions, Power Conditioning Solutions, Data Storage based out of DAS/SAN/ NAS, Intel to RISC-Based Server and Blade center Solutions, and Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions.

Being a system integrator, Mayank's IT Solution focuses on offering better value with its innovative solutions at the least possible cost within fastest turnaround time. Its partnership with HP helps Mayank's IT Solution to deliver not only efficient but also cost-effective solutions. “HP is a global brand with great technology. We understand customer requirements clearly as we work very closely with them to root level; hence building solutions by optimizing such technologies, becomes much easier. With the help of such technology, we build creative solutions and enable our customers to attain efficient as well as cost-effective solutions,” says Batra.

Being a system integrator, Mayank's IT Solution focuses on offering better value with its innovative solutions at the least possible cost within fastest turnaround time

Mayank's IT Solution believes that its solutions allow its clients to run and manage their whole infrastructure from a single workstation. The administrator is provided with a dashboard panel by which they can view, edit and control their datacenter infrastructure and workstations. As Mayank's IT Solution provides solutions with converged infrastructure and their management, its clients can save on energy and cost of ownership. It succours its clients to achieve business growth and reduced TCO to build cost-efficient working environment.

Mayank's IT Solution envisages delivering end to end IT Solutions and services at lower total cost. “We look forward to enhancing our skills in software development in near future, which would help our partners and customers increase their productivity of their existing infrastructure,” winds up Batr