Embellishing Enterprise Business Landscape with Advanced Technologies

Vishal Barapatre, Group CTO, In2IT Technologies | Monday, 19 June 2017, 09:52 IST

Over past few years, Cloud has emerged as a powerful storage platform for enterprises that is highly reliable and further facilitates ease of collection, management, and sharing of big data which is a critical component of IoT. Cloud offers various options for enterprise data storage that reduces the existing burden of storing and governing organizational data. The off-site data storage provides more flexible and robust integration methods (APIs) than other storage platforms which lowers the investment costs required to effectively create, manage, access, store and transfer large data sets on-premise.

Without Analytics, IOT data is just humongous amount of scrap, which will only consume storage and space. Once we are able to put analytics in use, we can start seeing the granular details to be further used intelligently in operations, strategy and future forecasting purposes. IOT Data Analytics today is available almost for every industry in existence today with new ideas popping up almost every day across the different industry verticals today.

“With the rapid proliferation of Internet-connected devices, Big Data analytics and machine learning- the data processing and management operations have been performed to fully analyze data and generate quality results with better accuracy at a fast rate "

With the rapid proliferation of Internet-connected devices, Big Data analytics and machine learning- the data processing and management operations have been performed to fully analyze data and generate quality results with better accuracy at a fast rate. Enterprises make best use of IoT to transform their logistics, ensure customer engagement, and derive actionable information while effectively harnessing their big data generated by intelligent devices that are connected to the Internet, such as Cloud. In order to achieve the desired goal, businesses are taking advantage of optimized applications and connected logistics that merge real-time location data from the various parties of a logistics hub in one place and allow them to communicate more efficiently. The large data sets collected at the edge of a pervasively distributed system are analyzed through computer algorithms and eventually get served as an enabler of powerful analytical and predictive tools in various diversified sectors of the economy such as  Healthcare & Life Science, Banking, Financial Services and Insurance, Metal and Mining, Manufacturing and Weather forecasting etc.

Manoeuvring Business to Address Challenges

Consulting firms analyse requirements of businesses in depth and recognize which service provider could best meet their requirements in a cost-efficient manner, and subsequently consult businesses with standardized framework for cloud adoption and migration from traditional IT systems to integrate with third party cloud services and complete visibility on ROI. Furthermore, they support use of Big data creatively in terms of being unique in their products or services that ensures credibility among customers. Also, they help businesses to choose right technology platform provided by right Vendor that leads to adoption of successful IoT strategy necessary in order to build effective Business models, Service Models, CRM Processes, and generate New Revenue streams.

We are walking on the road to digitalization where it becomes imperative for enterprises to adopt latest technology trends and digital business models to stay competitive in the market. IT management firms will continue to work on major dimensions for all fundamental areas of cloud computing and virtualization and consolidation strategy to better evolve organization's full IT technology stack, lifecycle management process, and business environment while managing risks associated with enterprise data management.

Amalgamating Experience and Expertise to Deliver Effective Solutions

IT management consultants discover new trends and transform them into disruptive technologies to solve complex business problems at great ease. The consultants understand enterprise technology landscape and help their clients to adopt Public Cloud Integration that enable end to end solutions while focusing on strategy, security, and implementation that are necessary to create business value. At present, IT industry is undergoing major transformation and thus role of IT management consultants becomes crucial as they use their global experience along-with local knowledge and expertise to deliver customized solutions. Enterprises have to adopt adequate technology tools and deliver optimum business results that help grow their businesses exponentially. Additionally, leading IT management consulting companies are continually introducing latest market-driven technologies to them.

IoT will create better opportunities for consulting sector in terms of gaining deeper insights into business performance with rising demand of interconnected ‘smart’ devices providing end-to-end digital solutions across multiple geographies. It will bring new opportunities for IT industry to create customer-centric products and services. However, IoT cannot play alone as it needs safe and reliable data storage platforms that support easy and fast access of data. Consulting sector aims at harnessing the potential of disruptive technologies in such a way that enterprises would be able to explore new ways of business development by offering highly customized solutions to their customers in a cost-effective manner.

IoT is a fast-emerging ecosystem of IP-connected devices that lets businesses and people to streamline their processes in a better way by connecting their devices to the internet. IoT holds the potential to drive new disruptive innovations with market-driven approach. Consulting sector thus will have major say in decision making process of businesses to build and implement robust business models based on tested IoT strategies that provide tailored solutions for edge computing, real-time analysis, machine data storage, and high-speed connectivity.

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